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Enhanced nutritional Quality, Milling performance and Flour functionality


Wheat gel cook is a tempering or conditioning process that beneficially changes the quality of the flour, largest effect on milling performance and flour functionality. The wheat gel cook process employed before milling toughens the bran layer and mellows the inner endosperm of the wheat kernel, and thus enhances the efficiency of flour extraction.

Why it is important?
    • Gel cook is more efficient than hot and cold dampening process
    • Easy to control, short time and higher uniformity achieved
    • Significant reduction in the processing time compared to conventional processing
    • Brings about uniform moisture throughout the grain
    • Energy-efficient system
    • Ensures superior flour properties and product quality
    • Imparts favourable changes in the Physical properties suitable for milling
    • Improves the product making quality
The Wheat Gel Cook Process
Wheat Technology

The Wheat Gel cook process starts with the cleaning process for extraneous matter and graded to obtain uniform sized grains. The grains are further tempered in the gel cook station and subsequently dried after the resting period.

Key Features Obtained