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The World’s Best Paddy Process Specialist in Parboiled Rice Plants, Steam Rice (accelerated Aged Rice) Plants & Process Engineering for Rice Processors.

About Us

Agri Process Innovations & Technologies (APIT) — an Indo-US joint venture — is a solutions provider for fully automated parboiled paddy processing, improvised accelerated aged rice processing plants, recipe-based rice parboiling and the only company in this industry capable of custom-building each of the above solutions based on requirements of the customer, the market need & the condition of paddy.

All our designs are modular in construction and need minimal setup time while giving you the option to scale up your operation with minimal investment. We take pride in building products and technology that give you a good return on your investment, making a long-lasting impact on your business. APIT is known for the innovation of its designs, superior technology and values that stem from our core belief of making long-term investments and commitments with every customer.

We employ best-in-class practices and set up advanced capabilities and techniques to manufacture products that meet the requirements of every customer. The company strongly believes in adopting good business practices and strives for continuous improvement to provide the best returns to its customers. Our customers and partners choose us because of our strong reputation for quality and service, and our tradition of reliability.

Why Choose APIT

Why Us

Why Choose APIT

Innovative & Intelligent Technology

Our technology conforms to Industry 4.0 standards and we offer the world’s first process automated software — PROSE. Our recipe process design is driven by Artificial Intelligence and each plant is customised to the customer’s requirements.

Fully Integrated Systems

We offer a visualization software tool for process analysis, data analytics and maintenance prediction within the plant. The entire plant including all machinery has in-built IoT features through which all processes are monitored and regulated.

Open Option & Complete Control

You can select from six colours based on the Gelatinization, Temperature, Moisture, Age, and Density of rice. Our system gives you complete control over temperature, pressure and time, resulting in lower operational costs and extended shelf life.

Dedicated Expert Team

Our team of experts right from Research & Development to the Field Technicians are the best at what they do, ensuring that all your needs are met. The ultimate benefit is not only to you — the processor — but also to the farmer and end-users.

Core Values
About Us

Core Values

  • Ensure long term growth & profitability for our customers
  • Provide high-quality services at an affordable cost
  • Maintain and enhance our ability to innovate
  • Maintain a skilled, motivated & customer-focused team
  • Assist customers in developing new business opportunities

We realize that in order to achieve this mission, the APIT team must always be willing to listen and experiment with new concepts, while also leveraging proven traditional methods to the ultimate benefit of our customers. APIT is committed to the fulfilment of these ideals in our business by adapting honesty, fairness & confidentiality.

Mission and Vision


To bring in the “Grain Revolution”. We aim to do this by enriching the grain with its proper utilization which is fit for all the regions and by customizing it as per the choice of the customer. To extensively study and analyze the raw material, to design the most accurate process, and to achieve the most desired results.


To create the best infrastructure and process engineering operating system for Parboiling process.

  • To overcome challenges.
  • To lower the cost of operation.
  • To achieve complete control over the process.

Meet Our Team


Shashikumar Thimmaiah

Founder & Director, APIT

Sridhar Nagalapur

Technical Director, APIT

Vikas Bhandari

Director Finance, APIT


Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure at APIT

At APIT, we have been expanding our infrastructure organically since inception. We started with a humble working shed with an area of 2,000 sq. ft. with basic machinery. Over time, we moved to a 43, 000 sq. ft. facility, while adding more machinery. Presently, we are set up in a 90,000sq. ft. space that is divided into working bays for stainless steel fabrication, mild steel fabrication and dispatch. Some of the key machinery that we have in our facility include:

  • Advanced Fiber Laser Machine With 4-Meter Bed
  • CNC Forming Machine of Capacity 250MT
  • Lathe Machine
  • Air Compressors
  • Sheet Rolling Machines to Roll Varied Sheet Lengths
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding Machines
  • Pillar Drilling Machines
  • Plasma Cutting Machines
  • Futuristic Fiber Laser Machine With 3-Meter Bed
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Machines
  • Magnetic Drilling Machine
  • Slotting Machine
  • CNC Forming Machine of Capacity 150MT
  • Quick-Drying Painting Booth
  • Hand Grinders
  • Cut-Off Machines
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Key Features

About Us

Maintenance of Machines

Electrical & mechanical maintenance department ensures that all the machines up and working and eliminates down time with periodic maintenance.

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Special Machines

Apart from regular machines, special JIGS & Fixtures are being used and many are being developed to facilitate precise fabrication & to reduce the time in fabrication.

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Automation of the process

Process is on to bring automation in the welding process to eliminate human errors and miss outs and ensure quality compliance.

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Material handling

We are also investing in the machinery and tools to facilitate the effortless handling of raw materials.

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Safety Equipment

Shop floor working area is fully secured with a CC TV camera, fire extinguishers and other necessary safety equipment.

About Us


APIT premises has a well-kept and hygienic dining area, where in nutritious food is served to all our employees.