State-of-the-Art Parboiling, Ageing & Drying Automation


Hygiene and nutrition are our top priorities in Rice Parboiling Plants, steamed rice (accelerated aged rice) plants & process engineering for rice processors. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and process experts provide engineering services related to the processing of parboiled rice and steamed rice (accelerated aged rice) for all varieties.

The flexible approach we take with our work enables us to design and manage bespoke processes to suit the requirements of our customers. High-quality equipment manufacturing is our strength. We select the process of parboiling of accelerated aged rice (steamed rice) based on the requirements of the customer.

Our expertise ranges from design studies to multi-million currency value factory-built projects. You can take confidence in the fact that we are the only service provider offering the complete solution – from concept through fabrication and installation – for quality global standard rice with hygiene and nutrition!

Paddy Process Technology from APIT

Rice Parboiling Plants

The whole parboiling infrastructure is designed depending on the process to be carried out in the plant, and based on the grain, demography and environmental system.

Rice Super-Ageing

The process of inducing the changes in rice in a short time to obtain cooking properties, which resemble that of naturally aged rice, is referred to as accelerated or super-ageing of rice.

Drying Technology

APIT process dryers have functions like distributing the temperature level by level to the grain and removing the moisture from the grain to avoid the case of hardening in the process.