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Case Study- Indian Foods (Janaki Groups)

Indian Foods (Janaki Groups)

Agri Process Innovations Technologies LLP (APIT) is the world’s best paddy process specialists known for process, innovation and technologies. The company is the solution providers for fully automated parboiled paddy processing and driers, improvised accelerated aged rice processing plants and recipe-based rice parboiling along with automation.

APIT’s team of highly skilled and experienced Engineers and Process Experts helps in providing engineering services with regard to rice processors in Parboiled rice, Steam rice for all varieties.

Indian Food Industries, Dholka, Ahmedabad,  APIT’s esteemed clients, have been supported in many aspects including process brokens, improved output products, reduced drying time and reducing human intervention, by installing a fully-automated process along with software that controls the overall process parameters, resulting in a zero-error process.

The Indian Food Industries Story

Indian Food Industries started rice production in the year 1990 and has a large installed capacity for production of many varieties of rice. The five plants located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat have fully installed capacity units for the production of Indian rice varieties like Parimal, Basmati long grain variety, IR64 and Katarni.

APIT’s technology has helped the client to overcome challenges like excessive broken, low cooking quality, especially in the case of Basmati and discoloration in grains.

Software Support

 APIT Provided Indian Food Industries with fully-automated Parboiling and Drying units along with the installed software Prose that helped them with easy monitoring of the process from a far through online applications, controlled by PLC. Every process parameter is monitored online such that any error can be rectified instantaneously. The fully-automated and online system helped Indian Food Industries in reducing human intervention, thereby saving overall process time and managing operational costs. 

And with that varieties they will produce Steam rice and Half boiled rice. And their main rice marketing was Hyderabad and Bangalore.

APIT’s technology has helped the client to overcome challenges like excessive broken, low cooking quality, especially discoloration in grains.

Prose Software

APIT has best automation software Prose that is entirely based on the response of paddy in each and every process of parboiling and drying. All the process parameters are controlled by Prose, process design software that in turn provides uniform:

Degree of starch gelatinization control that ensures uniform gel consistency which in end result give uniform color consistency. 

The essential parameters in process control and automation are: 

  • color/age
  • Dwell time/age
  • Hydration temperature/hydration time
  • moisture/age
  • color/hydration temperature
  • Color/dwell time
Case Study- Indian Foods (Janaki Groups)

Color v/s Resting time: The color of the paddy varies with time of resting with time of resting in hydration. More the resting time darker the color of paddy. Color of paddy in between 1-30 minutes resting time is super white while for 150 minutes its golden yellow.

Color v/s Age of Paddy: Age of paddy determines the varieties of color can e obtained. Till 3 months after the harvesting of paddy all colors can be obtained but as the age of paddy increased the varieties of paddy color are reduce.

Color v/s Hydration Temperature: The intensity of color is directly proportion to the hydration temperature while inversely proportional to the hydration temperature while inversely proportional to the hydration time. More the hydration temperature-darker the color and lesser the time.

Dwell Time v/s Age: Resting time of paddy strictly depends upon the age of paddy strictly depends upon the age of paddy. More the age of paddy lesser the resting time because with time the intensity of color absorption decreases. 

Moisture v/s Age: Moisture content of paddy is inversely proportional to the age of paddy. As the harvested paddy with mc 23% become aged its moisture content decreases up to 10.5% within 18 months.

Hydration Temperature v/s Hydration Time: Hydration time-temperature combination plays a crucial role in the color of paddy. For darker color the hydration time is less and temperature is more while for the lighter color the hydration time is more and temperature is less.

The Result: With APIT new parboiling and drying system there is reduction of 2% process broken.

Project Features
  • Continuous Automated Process System
  • Air Bubbling Process
  • Recipe Intelligence System
  • Least Process Broken
  • Degree of Starch Gelatinization Control
  • Uniform Color Consistency
  • Auto Discharge Mechanism
  • Uniform Gel Consistency
IOT Software

APIT provided Indian Food Industries with unique software Internet of Things (IOT). The internet of Things, also called the internet of Objects, refers to a wireless network between objects, usually the network will be wireless and self-configuring, such as to field equipment’s in rice mills. 

APIT IOT System is designed in such a way that the company can monitor, analyze and evaluate the process. Each and every process parameter it can monitor online from any part of world, if any variation arise one can solve it with the help of Prose software. With the help of this software, one can figure out exactly from where the problem is arising so that full process is not disturbed.

Case Study- Indian Foods (Janaki Groups)
Case Study- Indian Foods (Janaki Groups)
Case Study- Indian Foods (Janaki Groups)

After successful installation and running of the plant, Indian Food Industries is glad and gratified with our technology. APIT is feeling grateful for the excellent results in terms of quality consistency, process broken, process optimization.